• Yosiento
  • Brand Strategy / Brand Identity / Design Applications
  • Yosiento is an organisation with the mission of helping people discover the emotional world by identifying and owning their feelings and emotions. We were commissioned with a total brand redesign for this interesting startup.

    The new brand needed to be a reflection of the somehow ethereal nature of feelings and emotions. Movement and flow were words that appeared from very early meetings, but as the work progressed, we realised that while the brand needed to be well-intended and inspirational, it also needed to have a strong, quirky personality: Yosiento does not bring a pious, mystical message; Yosiento want people to achieve what they call ‘radical self-acceptance’, or the ability to accept ourselves just the way we are.

    Working with the emotional world is a bit of a trap: we tend to believe we know it quite well, but the truth is that there are many misconceptions around it. For us, it meant a deep dive into theories, philosophies, and schools of thoughts. The more we learnt about Yosiento and its tools, the more identified we felt with the brand and its purpose.

Yosiento logo on organic shaped, purple-to-orange colour layered background
Visualisation of the idea of movement behind the Yosiento logo
Yosiento logo in an organic circular container
Yosiento logo in an organic shape container
Visualisation of the idea of weight behind the Yosiento logo
  • Shapes, Energy
    & Colours
  • Using the tools provided by Yosiento, we created a design system based on the following principles:

    Feelings and emotions have energy: some of them put us on a high and make us move, other crushes us and leaves us catatonic.

    Feelings and emotions can be more or less intense.

    Feelings and emotions have a ‘polarity’: they are generally regarded as positive or negative.

    Feelings and emotions rarely appear isolated.

    The result is a design language using colour combinations, transparencies, and organic shapes that convey the idea of movement, express energy, display intensity, and show the complex nature of emotions.

Yosiento brand visual system: colours and gradients
Organic shapes evolution graphic and purple filled organic shapes
Yosiento logo in a orange-to-blue organic shape container
Yosiento logo in a pruple-to-orange organic shape container
Yosiento branded red-to-purple organic background
Yosiento branded purple-to-orange organic background
Yosiento branded orange-to-blue organic background
Yosiento branded purple-to-green organic background
Yosiento Lab sub-brand logo
Yosiento layout with headlines, FEO character illustration and logo
  • The FEO &
    ‘Dolly Parton’
  • Character illustrations were also included as part of the brand to make it not only more approachable, but also a bit quirkier. The FEO character helps with the educational purposes of the brand by giving short lessons that are easy to understand to most audiences. Dolly Parton, the sidekick, little dog character, plays the role of a careless student, one that listens the teachings of the FEO but does not pay that much attention -after all, she has already achieved ‘radical self-acceptance’.

Yosiento layout with FEo and Dolly Parton character over organic background
Yosiento branded communications using characters on Instagram posts
Yosiento branded templates for Instagram posts

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