• Think Twice
  • Brand Strategy
  • Think Twice is a Content Production and Creative Services company located in Miami, Florida. They specialise in short-format content generation for all platforms.

    Being the new small(ish) player in a crowded market, Think Twice knew they had to make a strong first impression in order to gain a piece of the pie in the A/V production business for the Latino market in the US and the Pan-regional Latin American market.

    Making use of a decisive, confident, and intelligent tone of voice that also is never

    arrogant or condescending, we aimed to highlight the experience and creative flair of the people at Think Twice. We decided to pair this communications tone with a resolute and vigorous visual system that would reflect the idea of the melting pot and the art deco aesthetics, both defining elements of Miami, a city that’s the hinge between two major cultures, two massive markets. The cleverness and confidence stated from the logo onwards is swathed by the illuminated poise of an elaborated gradient system.

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