• Skate-boarding Decades
  • Brand Strategy / Brand Identity / Brand Applications
  • Skateboarding has evolved from a street activity performed by a bunch of kids to an entire industry in its own right. It does not result difficult to realise how skateboarding has pervaded all of our lives –skaters or not– with its competitions, products, culture, and even with the public spaces it now “owns” thanks to city development policies all over the world.

    Understanding skateboarding, as a global business phenomenon, was not easy; but luckily we were working for a first-class skate enthusiast whose main purpose is promoting skateboarding culture for older and newer generations.

    Skateboarding Decades was born from the passion of an ordinary guy who wanted to show the world his skateboards collection and the way a skateboarders lives and breathes music, design, art, the street, and the whole world.

    By working in this project we understood that there is so much more than wheels, boards and trucks to skateboarding. All those elements conforming the skateboarding culture were what we used to outline this brand.

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