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    New Year’s Resolu-tions
  • Illustration / Holiday Campaign / Print
  • We never get too bored. Whenever we have time to spare, we try to make the most out of it by learning new stuff, trying out new techniques, and experimenting with our own business identity.

    At the same time, we are, have been, and will always be very grateful with our clients for the trust they place in us, and for giving us the opportunity to apply our craft and expertise to their beloved brands.

    To celebrate the holidays season, and as a way to show appreciation to our clients, we created the New Year’s Resolution series, with short, straight-to-the-point positive messages to make all us of think on

    how we can make better use of our spare time. Ours are not goals that are difficult to achieve; on the contrary, we propose mundane activities that must of us might be already doing. The real change comes in the awareness, how we commit and enjoy with the little stuff that give colour and joy to our lives. A glass of wine, a cup of coffee, reading a few pages of a book. Placing our full attention in the here and now is the real challenge we proposed ourselves, our friends and clients for the new year.

  • Color Palette
Sagrado Studio New Years Resolutions sketchesSagrado Studio New Years Resolutions sketches
New Years Resolutions illustrationsNew Years Resolutions illustrations
  • Postcards
    from Madrid
  • The resolutions messages were paired with original handmade illustrations coloured in a muted, yet vibrant palette. These scenes were printed in postcards that we sent to our friends and clients; and were later on posted on Instagram. The response was so positive we decided to integrate the visuals as permanent elements of our brand identity.

New Years Resolutions - Life is too short to drink bad wineNew Years Resolutions - Life is too short to drink bad wine
New Years Resolutions - Life is too short to drink bad coffeeNew Years Resolutions - Life is too short to drink bad coffee
New Years Resolutions - Try short breaksNew Years Resolutions - Try short breaks
New Years Resolutions - Learn new stuff everydayNew Years Resolutions - Learn new stuff everyday
Sagrado Studio New Years ResolutionsSagrado Studio New Years Resolutions

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