• Imaginari
  • Brand Strategy / Brand Identity / Design Applications
  • Imaginari is a new brand of ladies shoes designed in London and responsibly manufactured in Peru using world-class fabrics and leathers, and following traditional craftsmanship techniques.

    Imaginari is a brand deeply rooted in the imagination of its founder, British-Peruvian shoe designer Ariadna Alvarez. Named after King Minos’ daughter Ariadne, she grew up fascinated with the myth of the Minotaur, in which the Princess helps her beloved Theseus escape the Cretan labyrinth housing the frightening Minotaur.

    An exotic blend of fable, mysticism, and naturalism, Imaginari celebrates the magical

    power of myth and narrative, and honours ancestral peoples through the elaboration of women fashion footwear using traditional techniques. Ariadne’s designs lie in the vertex of Peruvian heritage and British modern fashion.

    The brand identity captures the Imaginari universe with the brand name handwritten and immersed in a natural maze of leaves and branches. The visual elements are created to wraparound design applications, and invites people to get lost in the cocooning world of the brand. A delicate, sensorial, and enticing experience with an understated elegance that reflects the designer’s commitment with ethical fashion and responsible manufacturing.

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