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  • Distrito HM offers consultation, planning, and design of workspace solutions. With more than 25 years of experience, they are the first accredited dealer partner of the renowned brand Herman Miller in Spain.

    Designing a renewed identity for Distrito HM had its fair share of complexities. The main challenge was, on the one hand, creating a brand capable of portraying the high standards and design excellence promoted by Herman Miller, but on the other hand, it also needed to shine with the flair and brilliance of Distrito HM’s own philosophy and expertise.

      We knew from the start that the design work would be influenced by Herman Miller’s visual language. But far from being a limitation, this worked as a springboard for a rich and complex design process that yielded

    extraordinary results. Distrito HM visual identity is unique and original, but it is fully influenced, and a reflection of the design culture promoted by Herman Miller.

    This brand work is a true reflection of the company’s philosophy and work. It is blocky in its construction, but it flows organically throughout applications. The visual system accompanying the logotype adds to its modular capabilities and allows for infinite combinations. Design implementation are a reflection of this mix-and-match approach to brand visual elements: combinations and modularity of visual elements is quite rich and palpable in all the brand applications.

Distrito HM Logotype and Iconography Design
Designers table with paper cuts containing geometrical shapes
Distrito HM Logo variations
Distrito HM color palette and color logo applications
Iconography meaning and shapes combinations
Distrito HM logo and icons pattern application
Distrito HM Herman Miller Authorised Dealer logo guidelines
Distrito HM Herman Miller Brand Book selected pages
Distrito HM letterhead design with Herman Miller logo
Distrito HM business cards design with Herman Miller, Offecct and Famo logos
Distrito HM double-sided business cards design
Distrito HM Herman Miller banner design campaign for Mutua Madrid Open
Distrito HM Herman Miller Cosm Chair magazine ad
Red geometrical pattern design printed on paper
Dark grey geometrical pattern design printed on paper
Light grey pattern design printed on paper

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