• Club Punta Playa Hotel
  • Brand Strategy
  • Club Punta Playa Hotel is located in Isla de Margarita, Venezuela. Margarita is just another island in the Caribbean, where beaches and touristic destinations are a dime a dozen –and so are hotels and resorts. Margarita stands out among all of these famous Caribbean destinations as one of the most inexpensive travel alternatives in the region. This being the case, hotels in the island are generally focusing their comms efforts in costs, offering either affordable luxury and a high-end experience, or a low-cost, informal, and family friendly experience.

    It was surprising for us to discover that not a single hotel was trying to make a real connection with what is the most attractive feature of the Caribbean: its natural beauty. Yes, beautiful beaches are a dime a dozen in the Caribbean, but they are also among the most reputed beaches on the planet. With azure water and pink sand, inspiration was easy for both the strategy and the creative execution.

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