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  • Coding is a superpower. It is a basic digital skill today that’s immensely shaping our future. It is, also, something that’s beyond our understanding. We have been, currently are, and hopefully will be involved in projects requiring a fair amount of computer programming, and for all these projects we have relied on great collaborators that have translated our wildest design ideas into digital applications.

    It was therefore quite satisfying to have been recruited by one of such coding superheroes to help them work their brand strategy. 2innovate IT Consulting is an Austrian consulting firm offering technological solutions for business growth, efficiency, and innovation. Founded by a couple of brilliant and

    passionate engineer–entrepreneurs, 2innovate is the kind of organisation that would help regular, non-techie people –like us– transform ideas into tangible products or services. For them, technology is the beating heart of innovation.

    Having agreed on developing a modern, clean, flexible, and yet not too ‘techie’ brand identity, we used the core of their business –computer programming– as starting point for design. We took inspiration from thousands of lines of code and discovered in them a perfect opportunity to create a simplified in graphic system based in lines, circles, and colours.

2innovate logotype, icon and tagline lockup over dark background
2innovate brand symbol over light background
2innovate abstract icon design, based on computer coding language
2 innovate full logo, symbol and tagline lockup over light background
A grid system is the starting point for 2innovate abstract icons design
2innovate customised icon design
  • Technology Powers
    Great Ideas
  • Finding a way to describe 2innovate’s business was only one part of the challenge. How about the real-world applications of their expertise? How could we explain the everyman that 2innovate could provide the tools, the platform, the expertise to help them bring their ideas to life?

    During the research stage we discovered that tons of great business ideas never see the light of day for a common reason: people lack the technical knowledge to translate these ideas into tangible business offerings. Even worse: some of these people don’t even understand how coding can be the missing link between idea and an elaborated product or service.

    It was important reflecting in visual terms how computer code can be found in all sorts of business endeavours and in all industries, including banking, mobility, logistics, or e-commerce. We created a series of icons to help the man in the street visualise the relationship between programming and all these business sectors.

Sample of a 2innovate's marketing communication piece (transportation)
Sample of a 2innovate's marketing communication piece (banking)
Sample of a 2innovate's marketing communication piece (cloud computing)
2innovate Outdoor advertising sample (transportation)
2innovate Outdoor advertising sample (logotype, icon and tagline lockup)
2innovate's brand manual sample spreads
Office space with 2innovate's signage on the wall
2innovate's website layout samples
2innovate's business cards design
2innovate's letterhead design

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